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Get a firm handle on the subjective part of market action – what we call ‘Sentimentals’. What is moving and what is not. What is behind that movement. What is behind that co-movement. What the Market is telling itself is behind the movement. All this is important in the timely assessment of risks and opportunities as they unfold before us. Cantillon Consulting has been monitoring and interpreting such matters – as well as drawing useful inferences from them – for more than thirty years.

Acquire a solid grasp of the objective elements – broadly, the ‘Fundamentals’. Monitoring stocks as well as flows: balance sheets as well as income statements. What is key in the assessment of individual companies also holds true for industries at large and even for entire economies. Tracking how much money is moving, how forcefully it is flowing, and how its passage is moulding and re-shaping the financial landscape as it does so lies very much at the core of the approach. In short, become aware of the ‘Cantillon Effects’ at work in the world.

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Other Services – please contact us by mail of phone for further details of the following:-


Investment Writing & Bespoke Research

Faced with the regular chore of the monthly or quarterly report? Wanting something fresh to present to clients as a reason to contact them? In need of some assistance with publicity materials or to make the investment case for your product? Cantillon Consulting can help both to break the routine and to inject a little originality into the process.

The Personal Touch

As important as the formal, written work is to the process, the true value comes from personal interaction. This can be achieved through participation in investment committee meetings, in discussing matters one-on-one with individuals (even if, alas, now conducted remotely), or in private and public round tables. The give-and-take of debate is where new ideas can be generated, old ones re-examined, and a greater awareness can be acquired of what matters now – and why it does. Cantillon Consulting can offer a full and enthusiastic participation in all such activities.

Conferences & Public Speaking

Crucial to the success of any event aimed at bringing clients and counterparties together for the purpose of meeting with the firm’s client representatives and portfolio managers is that the invitees are kept informed and entertained. Here, too, we can be of assistance. Whether at a small soirée for twenty people or in a grand conference room filled with two hundred, we promise to deliver a thought-provoking address to liven up the audience or to a craft and present a series of brief vignettes with which to introduce those charged with presenting the firm’s key message.

Training & Education

Showing how one should interpret the data—and pointing out their hidden pitfalls; mixing the money with the macro: these are necessary competences for any competent practitioner. Putting such ‘fundamentals’ together with the ‘sentimentals’—i.e., mixing them with technical and positioning signals—is a process key to being able to orient oneself in the landscape in which one’s investment decisions must be made. By using a mix of economic history and current events, we can help the younger cadres—brought up on an unrelieved diet of ever-lower interest rates—as well as the more senior—perhaps in need of a swift refresher—to become better-schooled in the vicissitudes of the market.