Sean Corrigan, Director of Cantillon Consulting, has been trading in, analysing, and commenting upon financial markets since the mid-1980s – firstly in the City of London then moving to Switzerland over a decade ago.

He has been responsible for formulating a macro overview and in figuring out its implications for various financial parameters such as bond yields and curves, credit spreads, equity prices, currency rates, and commodity prices, both in absolute and relative terms. This has involved intensive work on individual countries as well as on conceptualizing overarching concepts such as global liquidity and its relation to trade flows, output, revenues, and prices.

Adding to this, he brings a technically-based reading of market action and sentiment which aims at developing tactical, as well as strategic, projections and at identifying potential trigger points. This allows for a continuous interchange with those on the trading desk as well as with the sales team.

Among his many appearances at public investment conferences and group and individual client meetings, he compered and organized speakers for two well-regarded private events which featured keynote speakers of the calibre of Otmar Issing and William White, gentlemen with whom he has subsequently enjoyed a rich, if irregular, correspondence. Additionally, over the course of several years, he conducted a regular ‘Round Table’ discussion with ‘celebrity investor’ Jim Rogers.

Alongside the publication of frequent research reports and commentaries, he has offered a more in-depth treatment several of specialized topics in finance and economics – mostly delivered from an Austrian School perspective.

Here, he has made contributions to wider forums on topics such as monetary reform, the role of the entrepreneur, the limits of traditional macro, and the importance of capital preservation. A particular interest has been the study of financial history in the search for the lessons to be derived there for our practice today. An extended example of this can be found in the book, ‘Santayana’s Curse’, available for Kindle via Amazon.

A wider sampling of the work can be had at his personal site,

He has made frequent appearances on financial market TV – in particular as a regular Guest Host of many years’ standing on CNBC Europe’s ‘Squawk Box’ – and he featured heavily in a 2009 flagship BBC ‘Money Programme’ documentary on commodity speculation. Print publications such as the FAZ, the NZZ, and the WSJ as well as the likes of Commodities Now and Money Week, have carried his work while, outside the mainstream media, he has been widely quoted on Zero Hedge and, in a more academic setting, by the Mises Institute, the Cobden Centre, the Liberales Institut, and many more besides.

He takes the search for an understanding of economics, politics, and those more subjective elements which make up the markets very seriously indeed, and believes that just as Man’s material riches are increased through the free exchange of goods and services, so are his intellectual ones attained through the open exchange of ideas.

As the slogan he adopted during an earlier spell as an independent consultant once had it, the aim has been to deliver ‘unconventional wisdom and original thinking’.

The same very much holds true today.